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YZF-R125 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Edition


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Unleash a new level.

MotoGP-style Monster Energy graphics and aggressive R1-derived bodywork make this the most exclusive 125 produced by Yamaha – and the refined Delta box frame as well as the aluminium swing arm and wider 140-section rear tyre reaffirm the 2019 YZF-R125 as the ultimate lightweight supersport. For even stronger low rpm torque and more high rpm power the YZF-R125’s engine comes with a sophisticated Variable Valve Actuation system and high-flow cylinder head – giving quicker acceleration, faster pick up, a higher top speed and better fuel efficiency.

  • R-Series body with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP livery
  • YZR-M1 MotoGP-inspired supersport cockpit
  • 125cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation
  • High combustion efficiency for smooth power
  • Deltabox frame giving excellent rigidity
  • Aluminium swing arm for high speed stability
  • Light and precise Assist & Slipper clutch
  • Specially designed fuel tank with 11-litre capacity
  • Sophisticated high-visibility LCD instruments
  • Strong ergonomics for balanced riding position
  • Wide rear tyre for sharp road holding and style
  • Powerful braking system

Exclusive Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP graphics

Every Yamaha YZF-R model comes with genuine race bred DNA, but with its Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP inspired style, this special edition of the YZF-R125 is the closest you can get to the true MotoGP spirit. And with its YZR-M1 style front fairing equipped with R1 inspired dual LED headlights and a premium finish, the YZF-R125 Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP is ready for action!

MotoGP-inspired YZR-M1 type cockpit

Everything about the YZF-R125 is designed to give the ultimate sporty experience. Inspired by Yamaha’s MotoGP bike, the racy cockpit features a high quality handlebar crown as well as a high-visibility LED instrument panel and brake lever protector that put you in total control on the track and on the street.

Deltabox frame

The YZF-R125 is known as one of the best-handling bikes in its category, and for smooth and light handling – with high speed comfort – the Deltabox frame uses optimized front and rear geometry. Equipped with a short aluminium swing arm and 41mm upside-down forks, the YZF-R125 brings you the ultimate 125 supersport specification.

125cc engine with VVA system

The YZF-R125 engine uses an innovative Variable Valve Actuation system that optimises the valve position for higher levels of low rpm torque and stronger high rpm power – and also improves fuel efficiency. A wide diameter throttle body gives a smooth and more controllable throttle feel – and the exhaust system produces a sporty and emotive sound.

High combustion efficiency

To achieve higher levels of intake efficiency the YZF-R125s engine is equipped with large intake and exhaust valves as well as a compact combustion chamber. Combined with the high-tech VVA – as well as the large throttle body and exhaust system – this configuration offers more performance from a stand still through to top speed.

Aluminium swing arm

Yamaha R-Series models are designed to give you the ultimate in style, performance and technology and to underline its position as the premium 125 supersport, the YZF-R125 features an aluminium swing arm. Manufactured using Yamaha’s advanced casting technology, its short dimensions, low weight and optimised rigidity deliver sporty handling performance.

A&S (Assist and Slipper) clutch

To help you take full advantage of the engine performance, the YZF-R125 is equipped with an A&S clutch that gives a light feel at the lever for more precise operation and controllability. This design ensures smooth and efficient acceleration, and during deceleration the A&S clutch helps to prevent rear wheel lock ups.

11-litre fuel tank

The YZF-R125’s aggressive race-bred bodywork is complemented by a fuel tank design that emphasises the bike’s pure supersport pedigree. Consisting of a steel inner tank protected by lightweight close-fitting external covers with a high quality finish, the 11-litre tank is designed to be easily removed for routine maintenance.

High-visibility LCD instruments

When you turn on the YZF-R125 you’ll be greeted with a personal greeting from the high-tech instruments – and once you’re moving the new multi-function display gives you information on gear position and shift timing, as well as a VVA indicator. Housed in a stylish and sporty panel, these high-visibility instruments keep you informed.

Sporty and comfortable riding position

The YZF-R125 is also equipped with a rider and passenger seat featuring a thick foam for comfort, combined with an optimised handlebar position and aluminium rearset footrests, the ergonomics give a balanced riding experience that's both sporty and comfortable.

Wide 140-section rear tyre

The YZF-R125 runs with 140/70-17 rear tyre that gives stability and optimised handling. Offering a good balance of grip and durability, this supersport style tyre is designed to enable you to optimise the potential of the engine’s wide spread of power, and its wide-section accentuates the bike’s aggressive R-Series stance.

Powerful braking system

Equipped with a large diameter 292 mm front disc and a 230 mm rear disc, the YZF-R125 is built to give you outstanding braking performance – and this state-of-the-art braking system benefits from a brake hose layout and a rear caliper that contribute towards a better brake feel for precise and accurate control.

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